Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sustainable Events, CSR & The War for Talent

I once worked for an organization where a Vice President continually referred to "The War ON Talent". Obviously, he watched too much CNN coverage of The War on Terror. The phrase is actually "The War FOR Talent", and CSR can play a role in recruiting and retaining that talent. Here are some great resources to get CSR involved in building a sustainable, and talented, organization:

  1. From Coro Strandberg, a CSR and HR Management Checklist
  2. Industry Canada: The Basics of Integrating CSR in HR Management
  3. Massachusetts Business Roundtable: CSR and Employee Recruitment and Retention: A Primer
  4. Timberland uses service events as a core pillar in its CSR strategy

Interestingly, there is speculation that CSR programs are particularly effective at retaining women.

Events, as a primary method used by organizations to communicate to its workforce, can be a key element of an effective CSR strategy. Not only can they help engage talent and build a sense of team, they can also engage the community -- sustainably, of course.

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